MOSTI’s Artificial Intelligence Roadmap is a welcoming addition and complementary component to Seeloz’s initiatives, both of which share the same goals which are fostering AI talents and increasing AI adoption.

Bersama Malaysia and Empower, both officialized by MIDA (Malaysian Investment Development Authority), are two national initiatives that will assist in achieving MOSTI’s goals. Empower aims to upskill 30,000 Malaysians in AI and AI-Driven Supply Chain Automation through workshops taught by world-class trainers and Bersama Malaysia will push forward AI adoption by introducing SCAS to the Malaysian and Asia Pacific market.

We were honored to be invited to MOSTI’s launch event and ecstatic to showcase our technology and its real world applications to attendees and especially to MOSTI’s minister, Datuk Seri Dr. Adham.

Both the Malaysian government and Seeloz see the immense positive impact AI can have on the country’s economic growth. Not only will it make Malaysian manufacturers more efficient but the potential it’ll have in the creation of new Malaysian companies will create job opportunities for future generations. With MOSTI’s roadmaps and Seeloz’s initiatives, Malaysia’s future looks bright.