We provide training to manpower with or without IT background and experience. Our courses are related to AI Solutions, Data Science, IR 4.0, Supply Chain Management and Network Design.


Learn to leverage on Industry 4.0 technology as business enabler for digital transformation. Learn about automation, Industry Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data Analytics, as well as the tools, techniques and framework that are commonly used in today’s Industry 4.0 implementation.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad and fast-growing field that allows systems to simulate human intelligence and thought processes in machines. Our AI courses provide an overview of the principles and approaches to AI in addition to its practical implementation.


Big Data is a term for an industry that encompasses an ever-evolving set of software for analyzing data sets. Not only is Big Data revolutionizing marketing and business, but it’s also helping us gain a better understanding of our social world or even many organizations in varies industry. ASPA has Big Data courses that offer lessons to analyze large scale data sets and gain meaningful insights that can assist any organization in predicting the best mitigation outcome based on the best practical applications. We offer complete training inline with the National IR 4.0 Agenda whether participants with or without IT background and experience.


Traditional technologies for Supply Chain Planning fall short in handling many supply challenges. Hence, there was a need for introducing a paradigm shift through replacing the traditional optimization with a completely new AI engine that’s capable of expanding the human ability to effectively & autonomously run supply chains at scale. The game-changing introduction of the Autonomous Requirements Planning (ARP) sparked a consequent need for training a new breed of supply chain professionals mastering this novel technology and well- versed on leveraging it to maximize operational efficiency when managing daily supply chain processes. Through training both skilled supply chain professionals and fresh new talents, ASPA is leading a global wave to transform the world’s supply chains and making the supply chains of the future a reality. Commit yourself to a higher level of education, boost your career prospects and help any organization stay competitive in today’s economy. Interested in seeing if C-SCAP is a good fit for you?

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